Rebar Bender Steel bar bending machine GW42



Rebar Bender Steel bar bending machine GW42


1. This type of bending machine adopts a fully enclosed gear box, which will not cause deformation even under heavy load conditions, and will not cause oil leakage when lifting the machine.

2. Advanced design, strong and reliable, compact structure, simple operation, safe and durable, stable performance.

3. Special use of thick steel plate, high rigidity disc and iron rod, high power, medium speed national standard high quality electronic motor, to ensure a more stable performance.

4. Fully enclosed gearbox, ultra-low noise, with speed adjustment device, easy to operate.

5. Ultra-high hardness accessories, adjustable baffles, to ensure a longer service life.

6. The foot switch control switch allows you to easily perform a single operation to obtain a bend discount.

7. Needle plate, can adjust the angle between 0-360 degrees, more convenient and convenient.

8. Adopting international standard copper motor motor and dustproof copper motor, the service life of the steel bar bender is relatively long, and it can work continuously for a long time.

9. Dust brake motor and two limit switches ensure the accuracy of the bending angle after stopping and restarting.

10. Gears: Gear shafts, work plates, limiters, pile heads and pile heads are made of high-quality alloy steel, after appropriate heat treatment (quenching/tempering/high frequency), to ensure a heavy load and long-term working life .

11. Pin type discs and movable saddles for precise adjustment of the bending angle.

12. The fully sealed gear box is used to separate the gear box from the working disk so that the gear box does not deform during operation and there is no leakage of the oil in the gear box. Alloy tool steel gears and work plates are forged and quenched.


SpecificationWeightLoading  Capacity
Performance:380V/50HZ,3kw,3 phases
Electric motor with Electromagnetic brake
Control Method:Manual/Automatic
Bending Scope(mm) :
Plain Bar Φ6-Φ42
II Class Reinforced Rebar Φ 6- Φ 32
Working Disk Dia:350mm
Drive System:Gear Drive
Package size:1050*900*1050mm(Iron frame and Carton)Spare part: Chapiter used for bending-All Steel(Original)


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