Fully automatic rebar threading machine NT-ZDGS40

2.Package: Wooden Case(Steel frame inside)
3.Processing Dia: 16mm-40mm
4.HS code:8463200000



Rebar threading machine NT-ZDGS40


  1. The head Rotary motor: Drives the three rollers in the thread rolling head to make a rotary motion, and strips and rolls the steel bars.
  2. The head translation motor: drives the thread rolling head to advance and retreat. Clamping motor: Drives the clamping mechanism to clamp and relax the steel bars.
  3. Water pump: delivers coolant and cools and lubricates during thread rolling.
  4. Touch screen: parameters such as the length of the thread can be set, and the machine can be self-tested and monitored.
  5. Foot switch: It is the start switch in the automatic state of the machine.
  6. Emergency stop switch: Stop the machine in an emergency. Electronic control system: input three-phase 415V+N (zero line). Control 3 power motors.



1.No professional training required,Easy to use, easy to get started,Low labor intensity
Fully automated operation, stripping ribs and thread rolling integration, convenient and fast, only need to load and unload the operation, the operator always maintains a good working condition, and the work efficiency is increased by 100%.

2.Low labor costs Greatly reduce the standard of personnel, can operate multiple devices by one person, the cost advantage is more significant
3.High pass rate:Servo vector control, high precision, low error, perfect processing, good consistency
4.High security performance: Automatically throughout, the operator does not touch the working surface during the operation
5.Energy saving:Vector control device, effectively reducing device power consumption by 70%



Type ZDGS40 Rebar threading machine
Processing Diameter 16mm-40mm
Maximum machining length 80mm
Main motor 7.5kW
Supporting power 380V/50HZ or as request
Spindle speed 85r/min
Thread pitch 2.5mm/3.0mm
Thread Angle 60°/75°

Appearance size 1550*730*1100mm
Weight 430 kg
Application HRB335,HRB400 grade reinforcement bar


Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A:First of all, we have 10 years of construction equipment production experience. We are the one of the best manufacturer in China. After 2017, we are transforming from a manufacturing company to a solution provider for comprehensive equipment solutions.

Q: Where is your factory?
A: Our factory is located in Changge City, Henan Province, a well-known light construction equipent production base. Has a complete parts supply chain system. It is 60km from XINZHENG (IATA : CGO) Airport and 700km from Qingdao Port.

Q: What is the main business of your company?
A:We are based on the research and development and production of Steel bar processing machinery. Vibratory compaction machine and concrete road paving machines are our main products.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A:We have local accounts in the US and Europe. We can accept TT, L / C, DP and other payment methods…

Please contact KONATO,and send your constcution road plan, The cutter and blade parts solution will be offered within two hours.


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