Retractable Concrete Paver Machine NZP168



NZP168 Retractable Concrete Paver Machine has the function of Paving, vibrating, Leveling and making small radians of road surface. So it is very suitable for concrete road paving, concrete surface layer of bridges , highway, municipal roads, squares, airport runways and other concrete construction.


1.The rollers can be retractable according to work need, one machine will be suitable for 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m..road construction site.
2.Adjustable design is easy for transportation.
3.Concrete Paver can be made with small radians for special requirement of the road.
4.With a steel structure ,the whole frame is solid and shock resistant。
5.Electric switch control, one person could operate, the operation is safe, simple and high efficiency.
6.Use of a unique steering mechanism to correct, can be easily achieved in parallel with the template to maintain the driving direction.


Paving Width (m)4–10
Quantity Of Rollers2 or 4
Travel Speed (m/min)3–9
Max Paving Thickness (mm)300
Roller Dimension (mm)168
Drive Tube Motor380v/50Hz, 3 Phases, 3Kw
Walking Tube Rotation Rate (rpm)36
Vibration Motor380v/50Hz, 3 Phases, 1.5kw
Weight (kg)300-1000
Dimensions (mm)Lx1300x800


Please contact KONATO,and send your constcution road plan, The paving and vibrating solution will be offered within two hours.


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